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{April 3, 2008}   How to dance Breakdance!

{March 5, 2008}  

I haven’t written since a long time ago. At last, I have the time to do it!

On the 21st of february, I went to see the Sorolla’s fabolous art exhibition in Bancaja’s flat, with a guide inclued, because I achieved the tickets by Internet some months ago. It was terrible and very difficult to get them, because in five minutes they were all finished. In fact, I prefered another hour, so it was at 10.15.

Despite of this, it was worth. I went with my brother Gabriel and my friend Ana, and all the people who finished to see the paintings looked pleased. These kind of things make me think on studying Bellas Artes when I finished Magisterio, in spite of not knownig nothing about painting. But I´d do i like a hobby, just for pleasure. Therefore, I´d prefer to chose Sculpture than Painting. I think I’d waste my money on that!

Well, after that intensive morning, I went to Sevilla, without planning it before. My brothers and sister were on the top of starting their travell, when my parents rang me and asked me why I didn’t go with them. So I did, and I’m very happy of my quick decission. I really enjoyed!

On Saturday’ s afternoon we wento Sierra Nevada to ski with part of the family. It was hard, because it was cold and it also was snowing. I was a little afraid because sometimes, I couldn’t see anything! And my hands and thoes were frozen!

Fortunately, the sun shine the next day, and moreover, we were more people. Finally, I improve a lot skiing (thanks, uncle!) and I had a great time 🙂 . Sadly, I come back to classes the next 😦

See you!

{February 4, 2008}   WELCOME, 19 HAPPY YEARS!!

On the third of February it was my birthday (more exactly, it was yesterday)! I couldn’t celebrated with my friends because they were a little stressed out with their exams. But I’ll have my party, I promise it!! 

However, it has been a wonderful day, which I’ve spent with my family. I have really enjoyed it. I think they have been very kind with such tremendous presents…he he… But the best of all was the funny lunch we have had. I  love my crazy fam!! And I’m still laughing at the Desperate Housewifes’s chapter we saw. I’ll recommend everybody that serial. It’s incredible!! In fact, I’m thinking of downloading the original version (it’s a good way to practise listening).

Till I write again… See U!

*I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes.I’m sure there are too many!

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